Mac Service & Repair

Need your MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro fixed ASAP? We'll have an Apple Certified Mac Technician examine your Mac issue and get it fixed, lickety split.

Give us a call today! You can bring your Mac into us, or we can come to you!

Screen replacement

Macbook screens, backlight issues, retina replacement, iMac screens & more!

Water damage

Had a spill? Water? Wine? Juicebox? We can fix it!

SSD upgrade

Wanna breathe life into an older Mac? We have the answer!

Mac OS upgrades

Want a fresh, new OS? We'll upgrade it for you, no problem!

Virus / Ransomeware removal

It's true. Macs get viruses too. 🙁 But we can help.

Battery / Charging problems

Mac not charging? Won't power on? We'll make it work!

Mac RAM upgrades

Want to run more programs at once? Beef up your Mac w/ a max dose of RAM!

Data recovery

Need photos, files & music off your Mac? Let's do it!

Startup problems

Gray screen? Can't get to the login screen? We've got you covered.

Mobile service visits

Dropping off your computer a hassle? We'll come to your home or business!

Why we're different

Rest assured, our technicians are Mac users, just like you. We handle hardware upgrades, pesky issues, OS upgrades, and iMac & Macbook Pro Screens & more.

We've seen way too many PC technicians try to "take a swing at" MAC repairs, but it takes real experience to know how to handle MAC OS, iOS and Apple hardware.

Our technicians have been setting up and personally using Apple devices for years. We understand Time Machine, Disk Utility, Finder and (of course) Safari like the back of our hand.

We'll be fair and honest if your issue falls under AppleCare's warranty or a proprietary component that only Apple can and should replace, and we've got you covered if AppleCare is expired.

An apple laptop surrounded by computer parts