Our favorite “Computer Junk” Cleaner just got better!

It's inevitable… as you use your computer, you collect miscellaneous junk files from downloads, browsing the internet and installing programs. After a while, your free space on your hard drive get's smaller and smaller, until eventually your computer tells you that you're running out of space, and you better do something about it!

CCleaner has been our favorite tool for a number of years now to free hard drive space by scanning and deleting those junk files you don't need. That's helpful and can clean out a lot of space, but sometimes even that's not enough!

In the latest version, CCleaner 5, they've added a new trick: analyzing your hard drive to find out what files and folders are taking up space. That's a really handy feature we used to have to install a separate app to get.

Bottom line, if you're running out of space on your hard drive and need to clear up some space, the new version of CCleaner is the way to go.

Download it at https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/