Windows 7 Update Problems? Here’s a fix!

Did you just reinstall Windows 7 after having enough of Windows 10? Can’t get it to update? It happens a lot. A fresh install of Windows 7 is met with a screen saying “searching for updates”, except the search doesn’t stop. It JUST. KEEPS. SEARCHING. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix it! Bear in mind, this works a lot of the time, but not all the time. There’s an update you can download, but there’s a few steps to it.

  1. Turn off automatic updates. Go to Control Panel – Windows Updates – Change Settings – Select “Never Check for Updates”
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Download the following update
    1. 64 bit -
    2. 32 bit -
  4. Run the update. If it’s not taking, reboot the computer and try again.
  5. Select “Safe Mode”, which is #4.

After all that, change the automatic update settings back, and let the computer do the rest. I’m not sure why a clean install of Windows 7 has issues with updates other than Microsoft’s relatively new lack of support, but this seems to be the drain cleaner that blasts out the clog.

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